Focus and Fabulous

Turn Any Device into a Photo Booth!

Capture and share photo, gifs, and boomerang photos from any device, any where in the world! Virtual Photo Booths are a 100% COVID safe option that can add engagement to any event!


Virtual Photo Booths are the solution to our current COVID environment. Virtual Photo Booths afford you to add photo engagement to any event, whether it's in-person, virtual or hybrid.
Looking to generate leads? The Virtual Photo Booth is a lead generation machine that will provide contact information to your most valuable prospects so you can stay in touch!
UGC is the lifeblood of our social media driven world. Use the Virtual Photo Booth to create hundreds of user generated content that can be shared to social media and other mediums.

Add Ons

Background Removal

Use background removal to create uniformity in your photos or to transport you guests anywhere in the world. Our background removal is powered by AI... this means you won't need a green screen for it work. Your guests can take a photo in their kitchen, and we can put them on the beach.

AR Props

Use Snapchat like props to add some pizzaz to your virtual photo booth. We have an array of digital hats, glasses, wigs and various facial effects to let your guests play dress up while their having a blast in the virtual photo booth. The props work using facial detection. Neat huh?

Group Photos

Allow guests from different parts of the wold to join together and take group photos with the virtual photo booth. It might sound impossible, but we have made it happen so those besties on the opposite side of the map can join together and take an awesome group photo for your virtual event.

Contest Mode

Want to super charge user engagement? Add contest mode and watch the number of photo booth photos skyrocket by 4x! We can add any number of prizes to the mix, small or large. Winners are notified automatically and you will be notified of exactly who the winners are and the associated prize.

Let us make your next event Fabulous!